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of Dental Health

Featuring: SubOral

Dental plaque microbiome diagnostic algorithm to replace stool and saliva sampling for routine wellness monitoring.

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Market Opportunities

Crown Biome is raising $1M to fund R&D within a Sponsored Research Agreement at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine for SubOral.

  • Estimated 75M samples in 5 years

  • US Market; TAM: $166B - SAM: $102B

  • Dental Schools - curriculum & patients

  • Veterans Affairs - 9M service members

  • Dental Support Organizations - expecting 18M patients

— Bridging the Gap —


No convenient method to obtain robust microbiome metrics

6 in 10 People have acquired at least one chronic illness

The average patient direct cost of chronic illness

=$6,032 yearly

Stool testing:

"Gold standard"

Highly Inconvenient

Saliva testing:


Lacks microbes

DNA degradation


Algorithmic microbiome analysis of subgingival plaque

Highest DNA Integrity and microbial density

Proximity to nerves, circulatory system

Rapid and Painless

Serial sampling within biannual oral hygiene appts.

Algorithmic correlation to chronic illnesses

Preventative monitoring

API Integration within Telehealth platforms

Data collection


— Disruption —

Revolutionizing Dentistry

  • Microbiome Diagnostics

    • Oral Microbiome Quotient

    • Systemic wellness monitoring

  • Telehealth Referrals

    • Pharmaceutical prescriptions

    • Physician and specialist

    • Insurance

  • Pharmaceutical

    • Discovery

    • Efficacy models

  • Military Readiness

    • Service Members

    • Veterans

    • Government official screening

    • High Profile official screening

  • Population Health Analysis

Microbiome Quotient

Disease Risk Assessment

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